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Circuit boards

PCB Artwork

Silver Film

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We create Gerber and NC drill data from:

Printed circuit boards
PCB artwork
Silver film
Diazo film
Hand tape-ups
CAD drawings
Any image - jpg, bmp, even pdf

We also convert CAD drawings (dwg / dxf) to CAM ready
Gerber and NC drill data.

Editing, design changes, step & repeat and CAM services are also available.

Next day service available for most projects.

8 layer artwork vectorized and ready to convert to Gerber










       Scanned PCB image

        Vectorized CAD data

  Gerber & NC drill


     DRC detected spacing     violation

With decades of PCB manufacturing experience we understand the process and know what to provide for the best manufacturability.

You get clean centerline Gerber RS-274X. Often cleaner than the original design data.


Our scan data


Traditional scan data



3 elements


56 elements



13 lines of data


123 lines of data































Quote your circuit board or PCB artwork scanning project yourself.

 What technology is the design?

PCB or artwork minimum line width greater than .015?                $40 minimum per layer or $1.00 /sq in.
PCB or artwork minimum line width between .010 and .015?
       $60 minimum per layer or $1.50 / sq in.
PCB or artwork minimum line width less than .010?
                    $80 minimum per layer or $2.00 / sq in.

 How large is the PCB or artwork to be scanned?

If the circuit board is  40   square inches  or less,  use  the  *minimum  *per  layer  from above,  times   the number of  metal  and  silkscreen  layers  to be  scanned.
If the circuit board is greater than 40 square inches, multiply square inches times $/sq in from above, times the number of metal and silkscreen layers to be scanned.

*Minimum charges are often lowered for very simple printed circuit boards and artwork. Call or email if this is a very simple circuit board or artwork design.
*Per layer scanning  charges only apply to metal and  silkscreen layers.  Solder mask, drill drawings and NC  drill files are  always included at no charge

 Send us the Printed Circuit Board or artwork to be scanned.  


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